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At Grecco’s Grooming Salon in Mt. Prospect, IL we groom your furry friend so they look and feel healthy and clean. We love to work with dogs and cats and find our passion really comes out when you see your pet after a full bath, nail clipping and hair cut.

We take the extra special attention needed to make sure your pet feels comfortable and happy during the process. We work with the most difficult of pets to help maintain their optimal health. Even the worst tangles, knots and mats are fixed with our process. We even offer a variety of dog treats, food, toys and pet Id tags to keep your dog or cat safe and happy.

Our specialty is giving your dog and cat the attention it deserves from beginning to end by a personal groomer. We do not cage dry and only take about 2 hours for a complete grooming. We go by appointment only and this ensures a system where no dogs are left on site all day.

Ask about our monthly specials!

Whether you need a full service grooming or just a bath we’re here to help. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Phone: (847) 222-8005

Grecco’s grooming salon in mt. prospect, il we groom your furry friend so they look and feel healthy and clean.

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